Meeting your needs

Every business has a goal to turn a strategy into a result, and information technology solutions make this happen. All you need is to choose a custom development provider who will deliver the right domain-specific and fully functional software that will become an engine of your success. Redwerk’s custom software solutions are going to meet all the needs of your industry and your specific business processes to achieve maximum efficiency. For more than 10 years we’ve been working with companies representing various industries, and we know how to make the best solution fitting your specific needs.


Unlike the most of IT outsourcing companies we have over 10 years of experience in e-government solutions and standards.

Startups & Innovation

We have been providing IT outsourcing services for multiple tech start-ups from the ground up, who trusted us over other software development companies to build their entire technology.

Media & Entertainment

Companies in this industry have a great demand for R&D, that’s why they outsource IT very often. The code we developed is working for over 80% US households delivering them local news on a daily basis.


We are the right custom software development company to provide you with quality software outsourcing services for creating online shops and web presence for your business of any size.

Game Development

Redwerk specialists have experience in creating interesting and interactive games for smartphones, tablets, desktop devices as well as web-based games using a wide range of technologies.


Life and health are the first priorities of the science and technology today, and here at Redwerk we offer healthcare IT outsourcing solutions that serve people’s well-being.

Data Mining

Automatic processing of websites and social network APIs, scraping them as big data and rendering archived websites back to the users is something that you can entrust only to a reliable offshore software development company – Redwerk.


Disaster recovery, time tracking and invoice generation with very business-specific workflows. If you choose to outsource your enterprise app development, we can understand your business and automate it for you.